Things I love

Tony Robbins: ‘I am Not Your Guru’ Review

August 8, 2016

Tony Robbins, I want to bear hug the guy. A man who moves millions and is a pro at showing up and doing the work. I watched I am not your guru on Netflix last week, a behind-the-scenes look at Tony Robbins Date with Destiny seminar, and was spellbound. His ability coupled with the sheer vulnerability of the participants made for a truly insightful peek into human nature. Tony Robbins is testament to the fact that telling your story gives other…

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Wholehearted Nutrition

Weight loss – an intuitive beginners guide

August 5, 2016

Weight loss is a numbers game and approximately two-thirds of Australian adults are playing. $613.5 billion is the number of dollars we’re expected shell out on weight loss services and food products; shakes, pills, and drinks this year. Yes, billion. $8.5 billion is the number of dollars we spent on gym memberships, fitness related products and fitness fads last year. 54% of gym members allow their memberships to lapse between 12-18 months of joining which means that 4.25 of that $8.5…

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Energy clearing: 11 easy ways to amp the good vibes

August 3, 2016

Everything is energy Click To Tweet You don’t need to be a spiritual guru or a practicing monk to understand how beautifully simple this is. You just need to learn to turn down the noise and tune in to how something makes you feel. Your feelings are the barometer to understanding the frequency you’re vibrating with – and you’re dealing with them all the time, cos you’re human. True story. Ever felt the tension lingering in the air after two people have had…

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Fitness and Nutrition on social media

March 17, 2016

Fitness Inspiration has learnt its own hashtag – #fitspo and Nutrition comes in a million different packages.  I wanted to share this really quickly because social media and the trending #fitspo hashtag feed the illusion that the answers to what you should eat to feel and be well are ‘out there’.  Let me remind you, they’re not. My Nutrition Philosophy Eat anything you want. Eat as much as you want, as long as you make it yourself. I love good food…

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Conscious Conversations

Crystal + Mineral Magic | Rachel Crethar of Rock & Co

March 2, 2016

Crystals – I’ve been drawn to them since I was little. Always picking up stones and holding  them up to the light peering around for a twinkle. My first crystal was  a Lapis Lazuli. I was 19, dawdling around Spellbox in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade. A glittering tray of gems caught my eye at the counter and I wandered over to them. Lapis Lazuli, a stone said to be in alignment with my Sagittarius star sun, caught my eye. I tucked it into…

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A is for Adventure

January 23, 2016

ADVENTURE is my glittering, guiding word for sweet 2016. ADVENTURE. I love it. Really, really love it. I love that I didn’t have to ponder it. I love that she just leapt right out and excitedly declared: Adventure Awaits. It feels right. Like an overzealous puppy she literally tugs at my sleeves, c’mon c’mon! Imagine this! Oh, and this! And we should read that! Let’s go here! And let’s make one of these! Everything is energy, and the energy of…

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Things I love

Love & Links for a Happy Weekend.

October 16, 2015

Oh it’s been a hot, summery and stormy kind of week. A goodie, chock full of exercise on the deck, hanging out in the veggie garden and water play with B boy. Our front yard is almost complete – yay! Think 3 tiered merbau boardwalk lined with incredibly beautiful and lush palms, birds of paradise, cacti vibrantly lilting toward the sun in their pots, hidden pathways and our glowing mango front door. My husband, a super-talented industrial designer-turned landscape and construction…

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Quotes: 20 beauty-soaked quotes by men

September 21, 2015

An ode to men of words, this little collection houses quotes by some awesome male poets, film makers, spiritual teachers, authors, timeless movie characters and all round inspiring guys. So, let’s dub this the yang version and kick it off with my most loved Wayne Dyer wisdom 😉 ”Everything you’re against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.”  ~Wayne Dyer An excerpt from one of my husbands favourites: ”We’ve been led into a culture that has been engineered to…

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Things I love

Love & Links: weblinks for a happy weekend

September 13, 2015

A fresh round-up of web links for your weekend is ready. This week was a beauty. You could say on an ethereal level it was chock full of symbols and sweet little nudges. Lovely emails + online comments from like-minded peeps reaching out to say ‘Hey, love what you’re putting out in the world’. Heart-swell! A long and richly fulfilling soul chat. A few moments of self-doubt followed by crystalline clarity. A tonne of exercise (hello Kayla Itsines pre-training!). Kombucha making…

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A clean brownie bar for glowing skin

August 28, 2015

Popping in here quickly this morning to share a quick recipe favourite for my fellow clean eaters. I happily receive quite a few questions about training and eating so I’ll be sharing more of a peek into my exercise and nutrition with you. But first, a super nourishing, omega loaded CLEAN BROWNIE BAR RECIPE FOR GLOWING SKIN. This bar is bursting with omega 3 & 6 promoting soft, supple skin while reducing inflammation. Chia seeds give a nice anti-ox boost…

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